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Robert Anderson

12.03.22 в 17:56

Check out 3:04 what was that flinch? He couldn’t have heard him jump at apt?


10.03.22 в 04:32

Twistzz over here beating his chest while making his teammate feel awkward.

Sasa Bosnjak

09.03.22 в 13:02

What the fuck VP is the Polish organization not Russian

Nelson Benitez

09.03.22 в 03:01

how in hell you discover that wb...


08.03.22 в 19:57

0:30 wtf that is like the end of his career


08.03.22 в 19:22

0:55 old pixel...

xd xd

08.03.22 в 18:08

m0e proving why he is top 0

Re ve

08.03.22 в 17:40

9:30 you didn't censor the csgo run ad XDD

Anders Kolling

08.03.22 в 16:39

i wanna know what not having an instagram was abt

Demarcio JC

08.03.22 в 14:56

Pra que consertar o varado ? é só usar também ué, ou nao tem capacidade ?

mert can kıcır

08.03.22 в 14:45

larsen ne kadar kotu aq 3 kere vuramadı bu nasıl e sporcu ben bıle daha ıyııyım aq :D

Kitty TM

08.03.22 в 11:35

at 5:13 thats not a troll crosshair thats a nade lineup crosshair but demos dont change crosshair it uses whatever he had on when it started, so he joined the game and when the camera switched to him the first time he was using that so it doesnt change for the rest of the game, its a normal crosshair on his screen

Alexander Lykkebø

08.03.22 в 10:22

Moe playing 4:3 widescreen irl

Boost me

08.03.22 в 09:16

First clip pro so noob xD


08.03.22 в 07:35

4:18 cringe zuhn fanboy typing .noclip

Manky Memes69

08.03.22 в 07:29

5:05 its crosshair for nade lineups and doesn't change for spectators once they join the server


08.03.22 в 06:03


Gabriel Gerhardt

08.03.22 в 05:29

About coldzera crosshair it is a bind to change size of it to line up some smokes or nades but the gotv keep the crosshair that was active we he joined the server.

Hayden Dreamer

08.03.22 в 05:25

Why gambit can stay and virtus pro can not when both are Russian Organisation?


08.03.22 в 02:24

Props to Twistzz for doing that

Cunha Jr10

08.03.22 в 01:56

The guy in minute 9 is cheating

Mason M

08.03.22 в 01:38

0:55 that wallbang isnt patched because of how hard it is to hit. You need an awp, and a perfect pixel shot and timing. To the head it only does like 114. A body shot does like 16 or something


08.03.22 в 01:34

Why are you promoting gambling?


08.03.22 в 01:28

probably crosshair size bind for nade button and he pressed before joining game or something, hes surelly not playing with it (crosshairs load up once for a game)


08.03.22 в 00:20

lol m0e is so wide now


08.03.22 в 00:17

kick larsen


08.03.22 в 00:07

Какой секрет просмотров? Я тоже снимаю такие видео, а просмотров маловато

Weno Dolk

07.03.22 в 23:48

Another casual crying about getting wallbanged shot ?

100.000 подписчиков без видео

07.03.22 в 23:38

nice ❤️


07.03.22 в 23:19

Yes because one man using a weird crosshair is enough to cause a comeback, and not because the other team fought hard and actually didn’t give up. Makes sense

m4a1s isoverpowered

07.03.22 в 23:18

m4a1s is overpowered and csgo devs don't care about balance therefore it's a waste of time to play csgo


07.03.22 в 23:12

All god bro? Where are you now? In ukraine or you go in a other country?#standwithukraine.

Alexandre 'machine' Amaral

07.03.22 в 23:12

6:44 Round decisivo da prorrogação de um jogo tenso 17x18, c4 plantada... e o Gaules falando de pegadinha de balão. Pqp


07.03.22 в 22:58

on gaules stream they explain it, im talking about coldzera crosshair, its because he put this crosshair before he join in the game server maybe because he was practicing smokes or some stuff like that and he forget to change, so he probably change but to the server freeze on it

Gogulescu Eduard

07.03.22 в 22:54

coldzera is a joke now


07.03.22 в 22:54

coldzera wasn't trolling. He might entered the server with this smoke crosshair, but changed before, to the game. GOTV shows the crosshair that you was using when you enter in the server



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