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Дмитрий 6yryndyk

03.08.22 в 12:09

Как с читами

taco king

02.08.22 в 22:01

lol csgo roll has a meme "tothemoon" rn that gives u free cases it's great


02.08.22 в 21:14

Absolute dog shit player for G2. NiKo is doomed to never win a major it has been proven once more. Even in this highlights clips this guy has 50 something ADR on average. And that was even in OT, so a lot of rounds played at that point. Rip G2. Never will they succeed with somebody with so little impact; even AleksiBot did more damage on average.

Tuan Anh Tran

02.08.22 в 16:56

What happend to jbs

Duc Dat Nguyen

02.08.22 в 05:21

Hố xí về G2


01.08.22 в 17:45

he looks like effortless. chill to watch


01.08.22 в 12:36

They probably sign another weak player so they can feed NiKo.

Nugi Normandia

01.08.22 в 12:02

Damit! I wish G2 with line up nexa, niko, hunter, monesy & jks. Nexa > aleksib > hooxi

Sebi Szász

01.08.22 в 09:13

KennyS back pls!


01.08.22 в 06:12

i feel like this is the same mistake astralis did with lucky. i dont see the value.

Costan Alexandru

31.07.22 в 20:40

Hooxi did one hell of a job with Copenhagen Flames ... let's see how it goes with G2 ! Is this confirmed ? Both jks and hooxi are in G2 now ?


31.07.22 в 09:15

Don’t be quick to judge maybe wait until you see how well T2… I mean G2 perform towards the end of the year before being quick to judge


31.07.22 в 03:28


Stas Kalashnikov

30.07.22 в 23:37

Looks like nothing special just daily CS


30.07.22 в 22:14

This guy is not upgrade over Aleksib.

Bing Bing Street

30.07.22 в 18:46

fini de suivre g2 sans jackz pu sa mere


30.07.22 в 18:13

Hooxii is so bad, 0.86 rating


30.07.22 в 11:22

AleksiB better


30.07.22 в 11:02



30.07.22 в 10:58

Why doesn't jks play for g2?


30.07.22 в 10:05

Thank you vLADOPARD for always bring the fresh stuff into your channel, always looking this kind of stuff up in here <3


30.07.22 в 09:10

He is not better then Aleksib problem is toxic NiKo


30.07.22 в 09:04

Boombl4 better . His English really good

lala mal

30.07.22 в 08:40

So dumb not to sign Boomich. His english is really good.


30.07.22 в 08:30

How can that be a good move. He literally has a 0.87 rating. But i mean if he knows how to utilize players like NiKo and m0nesy then i see them being able to win trophies.


30.07.22 в 08:20

this guy's luck stats are insane

worldgames ofmy

30.07.22 в 08:18

good game :D

Captain 0ptimyzt1c

30.07.22 в 05:25

Well, these salty wanna be smart people here hate this pick up because they're expecting boombl4 and yekindar but ended up being jks and hooxi. Aleksibot dck sckers around believing still aleksi is the right fit, yeah we get it he has nice stats and grand finalist because of aug meta in ence doesn't make him right fit for G2. If things aren't working of course you can't force it, yeah sure kick NiKo and watch the team fall under and keep blaming the top player that is having problems with consistencies, makes me remember dev1ce suffers the same thing before but didn't last forever. Hating NiKo for no reason, lol!

Jake Elliott

30.07.22 в 04:53

This is just bad. But I guess you need someone passive to just let Niko run things into the ground. G2=Doomed to fail

Bash Schroeder

30.07.22 в 03:29

just saying. theres a reason they dont win. They sign shit like this, he is a t1 player sure. but they missed out on some insane potential

Rishad Hossain

30.07.22 в 03:12

Vladopard u have punchable voice


30.07.22 в 03:12

rip jacks );

brahim skender

30.07.22 в 02:44

Never heard of him


30.07.22 в 01:51

bench niko and sign another player see the results if doesn’t improve get niko back if improved stay with the roster

Ivdea Delenda Est

30.07.22 в 01:40

You should do one for JKS too


30.07.22 в 01:19

What about jks?

taro tachibana

30.07.22 в 01:09

new g2 = copy faze


30.07.22 в 00:23

G2 need NEO to IGL

Ricky V.

29.07.22 в 23:33

Hey everyone, glad to see you all here. Let’s all say our goodbye’s to G2. Won’t see them anymore.


29.07.22 в 23:19

Honestly, the problem is NiKo, not Aleksib.

John Burtram

29.07.22 в 22:59

this wont last very long.

Simon N

29.07.22 в 21:56

who tf is he

German Titov

29.07.22 в 21:37

На звёздах так играют

Nicky Kien

29.07.22 в 19:56

If G2 pay me as a consultant to point them in the right direction, only takes 10 minutes of their time they will be up there competing for trophies in the finals.

Blazej Krynicki

29.07.22 в 19:56

Only TIER 2

Badreddine Kells

29.07.22 в 19:54

why when you always try to present a player highlights to the fans you only show his ct side when kill comes with ez? why not showing T Side contribution?

LuGOAT Doncic

29.07.22 в 19:26

another downgrade IGL nexa > Aleksib > HooXi


29.07.22 в 19:24

its like they dont care anymore about cheaters...

Sourav Banerjee

29.07.22 в 18:47

I was really hoping they get jks, he could have been the rock that they need desperately :(


29.07.22 в 18:39

Kinda of disappointed on the move. The big problem with Aleksi was the bad comms and his firepower. I am not that kind of guy who cares mostly about kills but it’s impossibile to build a t1 team with one person Always with <10 kills. Hooxi is not an upgrade from any point of view, but as a G2 fan I still hope for the best.


29.07.22 в 18:26

it's a shame Copenhagen Flames broke up

i chё

29.07.22 в 18:24

what a dogshit move… getting a 0.7 rating bot… should have given aleksi at least 6 more months with jks

Golden Monkey

29.07.22 в 18:24

10/10 Editing skills


29.07.22 в 17:40

Some good shots and multi-frags. His k/d ratio isn't great on most of the clips in this vid but the team score is usually good which means he's doing his job well enough. I honestly don't think he's an upgrade on aleksib but I hope G2 turn a corner anyway. We all win if we see Niko play in his final form.

liroektevwldl kdirje

29.07.22 в 17:38

they complain about aleksi's firepower but sign an even weaker player :D

Mohican Theluststar

29.07.22 в 17:16

This kid looking like niko and moneys mixed

Jayesh Singh

29.07.22 в 16:48

Fuck i thought jks was gonna join. Bullshit


29.07.22 в 16:16

I like this move! HooXi is a super smart and calm guy. He will do great.


29.07.22 в 15:58

Я стримлю сутками и снимаю нарезки свои ,оч стараюсь


29.07.22 в 15:22

мда, взяли игрока в 1.5 раз хуже


29.07.22 в 15:15


procyclone co

29.07.22 в 15:14

This team is dead...


29.07.22 в 14:52

Meh JKS was good addition should have gotten Tabsen as IGL and G2 would have been the strongest roster


29.07.22 в 14:40

Tier 2 player...

Cheerio Box

29.07.22 в 14:37

100% a downgrade... G2 will never work out as long NIKOs ego is still inflated.. NIKO thinks hes the igl, coach, manager, owner, ceo, awper, a&b ancher, and every other position at once..

Like they always say "it's impossible to be an IGL with NIKO on your team". Worst thing you can do if you're an IGL is join whatever team NIKO is on, RIP to Hooxi career, they will use him as scapegoat when it doesn't work out just like Aleksib.


29.07.22 в 14:35



29.07.22 в 14:19

Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us


29.07.22 в 14:18

Hallzerk next plz

Sledge's music

29.07.22 в 14:12

w8 really he signed up g2 wow
Why not loba as in gay leader

Menma xp

29.07.22 в 14:09


Loi Armstrong

29.07.22 в 14:08

Niko is cursed..every team he’s on can’t win anything even with top tier players on the roster

Aman Walia

29.07.22 в 14:00

just like league carlos now made a team that has super stars and few new comers/no namers.

It will work guys.
Just trust the process.
Also Danes are pretty smart so relax.

G2 will only ascend now.


29.07.22 в 13:58

What does roster look like now?

Михаил Милославский

29.07.22 в 13:51

Думаю Алксиби не хуже смысл ракировки так просто освежить состав?

Alexandru Cretu

29.07.22 в 13:42

I have nothing against Hooxi and I am sure he is a good IGL but these days you have to have an IGL who can also bring frags to the table and sadly he doesn't fit in that category at all. Still hope he does better as this is the best opportunity he has ever had

David Jasper

29.07.22 в 13:38

Next update: New G2 name.......... now its P3

Малхас Усубян

29.07.22 в 13:37

Good player


29.07.22 в 13:36


Samuel Febres

29.07.22 в 13:33

te amo

Adrian Newey

29.07.22 в 13:33

Typical silver kids complaining. thinking only star players gets them titles.

you need a calm IGL for this team as Monesy is still bad and inconsistent but with a high potential, Niko needs to be saved from his tilt. Hooxi only needs hunter and niko to frag and rest is a bonus.

not too bad of a signing

Родион Баринов

29.07.22 в 13:31

LMAO Trash2 so bad they sign nobodies
Like who the hell are you bro? And I'm actually okay with this. They probably finally understood that winning anything with NiKo on the roster is impossible


29.07.22 в 13:30

Hooxi & JKS ? Or Hooxi instead of JKS ?

Will Holliday

29.07.22 в 13:30

Really desperate from g2.


29.07.22 в 13:29




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