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The DIOn I

15.03.22 в 21:21

Flatro&Rigon the bestt

Hello Myfr

15.03.22 в 13:10



12.03.22 в 16:29

1st clip was literally gossebumpd when croud started cheering and shouting

Ashutosh Bahuguna

12.03.22 в 09:09

s1mple: Ukrainian
mONESY: Russian


10.03.22 в 16:37

monesy is flick machine like kennys

khusnatul mawaddah

08.03.22 в 17:02

M0nesy far better than kennyS overall.

Nate Sabbatini

07.03.22 в 16:47

dude I faced this monster in fucking valorant ranked and he destroyed us, thought he was cheating… he’s a fkn pro

Master Zoruko

06.03.22 в 23:05

moNesy is like 80% of reincarnated skills of kennyS


06.03.22 в 12:17



06.03.22 в 11:09

russia invaded Ukraine and kill their civilians

Mapache Curioso

06.03.22 в 10:09

Este chaval es una bestia, estuve viendo la final y lo que era monesy y hunter eran los que le daban vida a g2

Dániel Tyukodi

06.03.22 в 07:49

Monesy and simple are just weak hackers. Normal ppl can see their wallhack and aimbot.


06.03.22 в 07:00

Me 15y.o 5years ago playing csgo and doing flick double scope in stairs and flick to jungle

Sky Zar

04.03.22 в 14:59

M0NESY clutch i saw that live lmao

Szymi Szymi

04.03.22 в 14:27

stronka legit ?


04.03.22 в 07:57

Monesy with the 5 cm biceps xD

cool kevs

04.03.22 в 07:38

simple still the GOAT.maybe theyre just got affected whats happening to home. hes a kid hes fucos on what hes doing


03.03.22 в 22:24

Navi should of taken Monesy now he is just going to get better lol

Morfeo walter

02.03.22 в 18:53

WOAH I think he can be the best player ever - M0NESY

Laughing bro

01.03.22 в 15:37

m0nesy is the future

-cytrus cytrus

01.03.22 в 10:39

co tam robi dmg xddddd


01.03.22 в 02:14

"The Shepard's staff takes down the GOAT"

Mycah G

01.03.22 в 02:08

Monesy is a superstar already

Filip Baše

01.03.22 в 01:45

…. I never ever comment but he made them his bitches.. Disgusting shots, just like when DJ makes some sick drop and you know it’s lit af

Ryan Burlingame

28.02.22 в 20:25

sucks g2 lost to faze

Mason M

28.02.22 в 17:41

The fact that NaVi lost and s1mple still outfragged and overall outperformed both m0nesy and NiKo shows that he is still better. Just know that most things m0nesy has learned have come from the ukraine god. And the student often surpasses the master. So s1mple should be more than proud of m0nesy

Marc le roux

28.02.22 в 17:04

sorry for s1mple fans but if this kid continue this way he gonna be #1 real soon at a very young age


28.02.22 в 14:59

Awersome Game. GG both. Gz NaVi

Vratko Slivovský

28.02.22 в 13:34

monesty is a poor child who, if someone fucked up, would not wake up

Johnatan Junio

28.02.22 в 12:18

filho eliminando o pai

Chae YL

28.02.22 в 07:28

KennyS: who’s replacing me?? Tarik or rush????

Khazakant Khashimov

28.02.22 в 03:01

Просто симпл был морально слаб, и команда нави, из-за этого они проиграли


28.02.22 в 01:49

7:40 La porsche ou la rue ou quoi les reufs ?

dadou gamer

27.02.22 в 22:47

After anounenced gw amazing shot

Poke And Play

27.02.22 в 20:42

Lo que pega el Monedas

coco cornflake

27.02.22 в 16:47

its funny how broky is so good but the only flaw he has ever had was team killing XD


27.02.22 в 14:50

You can see every game that how good communication that monesy have with Nico

Grue Stin

27.02.22 в 14:23

I felt sad for navi team hope they are just fine and keep fighting in tournament csgo


27.02.22 в 13:38

Roknar le boss !!


27.02.22 в 13:29

Even how high expectation give to monesy, navi still in bad shape at all because of the war, their faces showing not motivated at all, mental breakdown can also affect your game no matter how good you are in cs, look how dupreeh loses his dad. Its better to have a match again like this physically and mentally good at all.

Elyasi Mahdi79

27.02.22 в 12:44

everyone talks about monesy, but let's not forget our dear JKS with phenomenon performance

Tarun' Parmar

27.02.22 в 12:13

Simple 300iq runboost? I'm pretty sure I saw zywoo first do that

Lq Rock

27.02.22 в 10:54

I remember how much I hated the new casters when they started casting big games, but I love them now! they're doing an amazing job

DEXTER' Beatbox

27.02.22 в 10:33

Barte kako stranci kuze nas jezig znm da imaju i strani ali


27.02.22 в 09:54

1 russian kid destroying whole

c t

27.02.22 в 09:29

dude i love this commentator, makes me so hyped every game

Mehmet Altıntop

27.02.22 в 09:17

this kid doesnt need a babysitter?????


27.02.22 в 07:47

hey i've seen your tweets. i hope you doing well right know and stay safe on the safest place you are right know. we all hope this could end fast. godspeed

21 Whispers

27.02.22 в 07:39

I read a comment somewhere about monesy being a flashback to prime KennyS and I couldn’t agree more. Sure for his age he’s still developing his game sense but in a near future I would definitely bet he can take over a game like s1mple. The future is very bright not only for monesy but for the next gen of CS talent

JaMeS PoNt

27.02.22 в 07:26

Fuск g2


27.02.22 в 06:20


Anugrah Samuel

27.02.22 в 06:04

We gonna Forget Boombl4's tripe kill clutch with perfect movement

Anugrah Samuel

27.02.22 в 06:03

Broky and Monesy popped so many highlights in their last few matches


27.02.22 в 05:49

Yo le enseñé


27.02.22 в 04:32

Kenny who???? man the opening clip is already historical.

fl4vs -

27.02.22 в 04:30

Who won this tournament

Nathan Conner

27.02.22 в 04:09

ill take a m0nesy vs s1mple duel anyday


27.02.22 в 03:59

navi would win this if it wasn't for this damn war, s1mple doesn't look good at all

Swaraj Koli

27.02.22 в 03:48

Broky and monsey seems unstoppable on lan


27.02.22 в 03:16

mahei luwang

27.02.22 в 03:06

This kid MONESY….even slow motion wasn’t slow

AQ Gamer

27.02.22 в 02:54

Finally!!!! I seeing Monesy VS s1mple and i'm on Monesy side


27.02.22 в 02:04

mdddr le clip a roknar a 7:39


27.02.22 в 01:46

From Navi Junior to destroying Navi


27.02.22 в 01:42

5:01 for s1mple runboost

Diego HC

27.02.22 в 01:14

NT Navi, and G2... GO TO WIN THIS SHIT.

-Navi Fan

Andrei Iordache

27.02.22 в 01:04

b1t should ve killed monesy there is unbeliveable how u can lose a round like that


27.02.22 в 00:25



27.02.22 в 00:21

I hope u r ok with this situation bro, i hope u know that u make a lot of peoples lives better, including mine ❤

JeffeRie Thh

27.02.22 в 00:19

monesy= gay


27.02.22 в 00:01

new s1mple!!!


26.02.22 в 23:57

MONESY is so fucking good

OpTic DeWy

26.02.22 в 23:45

So I've always hated Faze I've always been the optic fan since bo2 but seeing Faze change and go through so much in cs I've always routed against because most of the players seemed so douchey but this remade team with ropz and even if JKS ie just a stand in these are some of my favorite players my favorite igl playing with 3 of the most crazy and casually calm riflers and one of the most skilled awper of today I can't be rooting for them any harder. I'm an optic fan at heart but god forgive me for saying this. FAZE UP!!!!


26.02.22 в 23:41



26.02.22 в 23:35

stay safe brother <3


26.02.22 в 23:28

Aleksi's 1v3? But anyway monesy is a beast

Rodrigo S. 1.6

26.02.22 в 23:25

i love m0nesy


26.02.22 в 23:19

Monesy sooner or later he gonna plato because no one on g2 is on his level most of them are trying to be like him on that team it like sports if they don’t play with the same level that you are he’s gonna be stuck

Goblin V

26.02.22 в 23:12

GF : you are so fast
Me : there’s one faster
m0nesy :


26.02.22 в 23:12

these videos are so good love it. Also hope you and your family & friends are doing okay now. Stay safe :)

Christian H

26.02.22 в 23:10

The expectations and the hype around m0nesy was so absurdly high, that I thought he could never live up to them, at least not this fast. But he is somehow exceeding them. It‘s his first EVER big lan event and he dropped 45 kills (most pro players never did that in their very long pro career in a high profile tournament) and he does it in the very first map he ever played on lan. And didn‘t slow down against Navi either.

Of corse huge respect to s1mple and B1t for playing while their home country is under attack. Can‘t imagine what they are going through ...

m4a1s isoverpowered

26.02.22 в 23:04

m4a1s is overpowered and csgo devs don't care about balance therefore it's a waste of time to play csgo

Алнур Оразхан

26.02.22 в 23:00

m0nesy the best ❤️



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