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12.04.22 в 20:18

Toxicity is fun, fuck being pc


11.04.22 в 13:35

Everyone who lives in the so-called democratic countries, ask your rulers why you were banned from accessing information from China, Russia, India and other 140 countries of the world, I will answer you because the truth is on the side of Russia.

Арман Досов

11.04.22 в 12:13

so funny to watch people who condemn Russians and call them fascists, and immediately after that they offer to isolate all Russians (fascists, with ghettos for Jews, send greetings), I adore Europeans with their beautiful logic of democracy and freedom of speech. I remember how I went to cs go and got into the team of Europeans gave information in English, but because of my accent, everyone realized that I was Russian and first called me a "Russian trash" and then kicked out of the game, according to your logic, I should hate all Europeans after that and wish them a separate server so that such animals only among themselves played. But my IQ level is high enough and I understand that you can't hate the whole nation just because of individual people are degenerates


10.04.22 в 11:47

Russians get sooo much hate, as if every other country isn't toxic or something, quite frankly I've come across every single foreign country and there is ZERO difference, the csgo space is simply ripe with edgy people who's sole purpose is to trigger others, IT IS WHAT IT IS. I'm surprised s1mple being as experienced as much as he is would take a comment from a random in MM of all places and take it personally, c'mon man..

ArDian Blakaj

10.04.22 в 02:01

6:17 and even finds a turd man that so rude of you to say that


09.04.22 в 20:43

Оцените последний мувик по кс го)


09.04.22 в 08:45

This is a csgo channel, not a political one. I dont care to hear what someone who plays video games for a living has to say about a Russian privacy and safety issue thats been twisted by the US media into being an "invasion". Dont bring politics into video games unless its the nature of the game format

miHalD3R zz

09.04.22 в 05:57

Веw@ю о системе,матрице и личном опыте на канале!


09.04.22 в 01:36

I dont get why league has an east EU and west EU servers and csgo doesn't

Кирилл Кушнин

08.04.22 в 20:27



08.04.22 в 16:02


g0rDaN RU

08.04.22 в 15:35

Crosshair settings Get_Right on 4:33 pls

Ivan Kazakoff

08.04.22 в 14:53

Where did Simple say he played MM with the Russians? Don't assign my whole race to those who support events in Ukraine! There are a lot of smart people in Russia who understand people who speak out against war! Smart people in my country don't want war!


08.04.22 в 14:23

4:10 that's not an exception towards ukrainians only. Now I can say one word in a full russian lobby and about 1/3 of the times they wish me to get bombed after putler is done with Ukraine. As far as russians go - they should have their own server so they get isolated from others. Gladly, alternative servers don't experience so much russians. I'll take higher ping any day.


08.04.22 в 14:15

я смотрю и понимаю тип даже не заморачиваеться на контенте, в отличии от меня. Просто он качает видос в ужасном качестве и у него 10к просмотров+

Aleksi :D

08.04.22 в 12:41

its sad when you can see the sadness of simple when he speaks


08.04.22 в 12:40

6:10 lmao guy goes blatant over and over again


08.04.22 в 12:39

Russians in csgo right now all seem to support the war and even enjoy it, i haven't had a single russian in csgo who acted diffrent.

Michal Nechciznat

08.04.22 в 12:04

russia needs its own server, it's terrible to play with them

Nap Levente

08.04.22 в 08:51

11:07 potaTOES xddd

Amir Al-katib

08.04.22 в 08:45

They are destroying this game now. Sad to see my favorite game like this.


08.04.22 в 05:22

In decal of Niko ZywOo was blind guys, just blind

- Narkoz

08.04.22 в 04:52

Есть как неадекватные русские так и украинцы

Jared Deyzel

08.04.22 в 04:47

Ukraine? A nation of snowflakes supported by karens. S1mple only now discovering the real world now? So entitled

Kabir Maheshwari

08.04.22 в 03:33

NiKo drop me deagle


08.04.22 в 02:27

7:24 not a bad reaction at all


08.04.22 в 02:14

Spinx lying there dreaming about the next 2 maps lol


08.04.22 в 01:01

6:48 real gamer movement

TrueNinja -Gaming

08.04.22 в 00:49

Simple finally experiencing American toxicity in matchmaking lmao

Krystian 420

08.04.22 в 00:01

Spokojnie Sasha jadę równo z leszczami Slava Ukrainie


07.04.22 в 23:27


Cuyl Shepherdton

07.04.22 в 23:15

Dream3r is cheater

Janek Czech

07.04.22 в 22:59

I don't know any Russians, but when I meet them, they often say that I should be nuked/bombed or something like that, I mean, how is it possible that there is a country with this mentality (I'm Polish btw)


07.04.22 в 22:59

S1mple still the best in the game

Saif angel

07.04.22 в 22:43

bro they start cursing at me and think I'm American and they start talkin shit because i have an excellent English accent , and I'm actually from middle east, lol, when i tell them I'm from middle east they start dropping the n word because they immediately think I'm brown or black but I'm actually white, at some point i was like, what is this world that we are living in today ? i had a lot of teammates playing csgo everyday , from every where, i never attacked there country or there color , i always say these two sentences good job, nice try :)) but like 90% percent of these assholes will run away if you confront them face to face :)

Azan mubashar

07.04.22 в 22:43

got links to that stream of nikos cz he didnt upload f anyone got sources


07.04.22 в 22:31

s1mple doesn't deserve that. No one deserves it at all. smh.

Karl Dominic Alaurin

07.04.22 в 22:27

So early

m4a1s isoverpowered

07.04.22 в 22:24

m4a1s is overpowered and csgo devs don't care about balance therefore it's a waste of time to play csgo

Flooad Blunt

07.04.22 в 22:23

Stupid world, war is not needed!

Nicky Zarin

07.04.22 в 22:22




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