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Emmanuel Ferguson

29.04.22 в 13:11

I don't get how people can hate on Shroud for bringing up valid points. The game needs work, and if you actually love csgo as much as you say you do, then you should want these problems fixed. Valve is getting by with the least amount of work possible

Paul Kellerman

27.04.22 в 17:23

Hopefully everything gets fixed once csgo is ported to the next source engine

Elie Saba

27.04.22 в 16:12

You came for this 5:10


27.04.22 в 14:11

7:08 POG Marwex

djo lo

27.04.22 в 12:39

If they added ranking, matchmaking system and anticheat from league of legends, csgo would be the best multiplayer game in the world period

Rusty Shackelford

27.04.22 в 12:23

Skip to 5:00 if you didn't come here to see this fool advertise his own video and just want to watch the clip you came here to see

August Wolf

27.04.22 в 11:31

5:10 yeah i've heard other CSGO pros say the same thing about CSGO mm including s1mple.
It's true, mm ranking/elo gaining system is bullshit, mm ranks has to be further expanded/upgraded/resorted, and the servers are still running at 64 tick even after 10 years and it's 2022. And may I add that the main problem with CSGO is it has a LOT more cheaters than any other competitive fps game similar to it because of it's outdated and weak ass anti-cheat which has not been improved since God knows when.
Yes i know some people likes to argue that some people are not yet ready for 128 tick servers even though its 2022 because 128 tick servers are demanding. I will give just 2 counter-arguments which completely nullifies this argument:
1)Valorant already started at 128 tick and a lot of people play and run Valorant just fine. Even at CSGO, it doesn't make it that much more demanding than 64 tick, maybe by around 15-20% more demanding at most but considering CSGO is not a fps heavy game in the first place, it is completely more logical to prefer 128 tick over a 15% performance loss EVEN IF that is the case.
2) Most of these people who says they can't play in 128 tick will upgrade their PCs anyway once, and if, Valve ever upgrades their servers to 128. Most people likely don't upgrade because they don't feel the NEED to upgrade. Seriously, even a build consisting of a 1st gen i3 with a gt 730 can run CSGO at 70-75fps average which is more than enough for most monitors. Valve can't just expect to make the entire player base wait for the slowest turtle in the race forever and be afraid to take the next step. They need to grow some balls and take the next step.

Artem Morozov

27.04.22 в 07:40

Какой нави , вы видели как поляки шпилят !?


27.04.22 в 07:14


Jonathan gaard NY

27.04.22 в 05:50

128 tick and new ranking system that would be the best for CSGO ever. Right now there is all most on a average of 1 mil playing every day just IMAGINE how many that would play if they fixed it


27.04.22 в 05:27

No need to mention how bad is the Anti-cheat


27.04.22 в 05:23

Literally don't care what Shroud says. He comes back to csgo once a year, complains and then leaves


27.04.22 в 05:03

For once I agree with shroud , the fact that we have to use 3rd party platform and AC just to play a real competitive csgo match sucks balls.

Kristaps Jankavs

27.04.22 в 04:13

128 tick servers won't happen because not everyone has an amazing pc bro

TrueNinja -Gaming

27.04.22 в 03:36

The only reason why valve won’t make servers 128 tick is because of players who have bad pc’s that need the 64 tick

Damon Boughton

27.04.22 в 01:52

Holy fuck, does anyone really lend any credence to whatever shroud has to say at this point? Man's been chatting shit about the game for years and most of his complaint are so fucking petty, just move on from him already.

Abu B

27.04.22 в 01:34

Shroud flapping his gums again. I mean who takes this guy seriously now. Was never that great of a player to begin with. Watch how this guy jumps on the Major train when it all starts. Fake af


27.04.22 в 01:22

Who is shroud

Tomas Pera

27.04.22 в 00:50

Estaría bueno poder tener los subtítulos al español


27.04.22 в 00:22

We need to stop giving the attention Shroud so desperately seeks

wa Lol

26.04.22 в 23:36

yeah shroud blamed the hacking problem in mm . However he never play mm . so he went valorant lmao. Obviously valorant is a good game. if only a game has not cheaters , that would be a good game i believed.

Jelmer van Boven

26.04.22 в 22:53

Shroud needs to stop complaing about a game he plays once every 6 months.


26.04.22 в 22:39

The classic shroud trash talk till the major comes around and he can get free views


26.04.22 в 22:30

no need to double scope there what a weirdo

Azan mubashar

26.04.22 в 22:24


Leonardo Vidal

26.04.22 в 22:23

2:48 Why he didn't shoot in the body????

Young Daddy

26.04.22 в 22:09

And it's gonna be controversial if any russian players win a major at this time

DE4N Winchester

26.04.22 в 21:58



26.04.22 в 21:53



26.04.22 в 21:52



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